Friday, September 3rd, 2021

Yikes! Cold shower this morning? 5 reasons why… 

Cold water in the morning. Call a plumber

Let’s face it: very few people enjoy taking cold showers, no matter how hot it is outside. A nice warm shower is something to look forward to, so when you step under the water only to discover it’s freezing cold, it’s a problem you’ll want to solve as soon as you can. 

Below are five reasons why your hot water has suddenly gone cold. 

The water heater’s temperature is set low. This is an easy fix. Simply check the temperature gauge and make sure it is set to 120 degrees. If it isn’t, turn it up and see if that did that trick. If it didn’t keep reading! 

You have a faulty water heater. To see if this is the issue, start by testing the water coming from your home’s water fixtures. If you aren’t getting hot water from any of them, you’ll need to take an even closer look at the water heater. A blown fuse can cause your water to run cold, as can sediment build up in the heater’s tank. 

A plumbing professional can examine your water heater and make the necessary repairs. However, to avoid this problem all together, it’s best to schedule regular maintenance for your water heater. 

The anti-scald device is on. Another easy fix would be to turn off your faucet or showerhead’s anti-scald device. First, check to see if hot water is flowing from your faucets. If it is, then check to see if your showerhead or faucet for the bathtub has an anti-scalding feature that limits how much you can turn the handle to make the water warmer. 

To fix this issue, simply remove the handle on the faucet or unscrew the showerhead and find the anti-scalding device. Then, turn it off or reset it to make the water hotter. 

The shower valve has broken. Sometimes a faulty shower valve can cause your shower’s water to run cold. If your bathroom plumbing is older, you’ll want to check to see if the valve has been worn down or even broken. 

This can be a particularly tricky DIY endeavor, which is why we recommend having a professional plumber take a look and make the necessary repairs. 

You’re at capacity. If you share a home with others, you probably know all too well what happens when you’re the last person in line to take a shower. If you’re tired of lukewarm shower water, it may be time to get a larger water heater that can accommodate the needs of everyone in your household. 

Don’t let a cold shower ruin your day. Instead, give the team at Allied Reddi-Rooter a call or Contact us. We have been helping Cincinnati homeowners get to the source of those freezing showers and can help fix yours, too. We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service. You can follow us on Facebook, @Allied Reddi-Rooter for the latest tips or to ask us a question.