Sunday, September 7th, 2014

Water Heaters: That’s Hot!

In celebration of our recent water heater sweepstakes, we thought it would be nice to offer a few tips for selecting a new water heater.

The water heater engineers at Rheem have an excellent article on selecting a tank based on your fuel type (gas or electricity) and desired tank type (tankless, traditional, high efficiency or others). Read more:
In this blog, our focus is on choosing the best tank size to meet your needs. The graphic below offers a good guideline:

Selecting the Right Size

1. Consider how much water your household will use on a daily basis. Typically, families fall into one of two categories: High Water Use or Low Water Use. If the following criteria apply to your home, you are likely a High Water Use home:
· Your home has at least two full-size bathrooms
· You frequently run out of hot water
· You have an oversize tub or a tub with jets. A good guidelines is that the water heater tank capacity is 100% or more of the bathtub capacity (i.e., a 50-gallon tub requires at least a 50 gallon water heater).
2. Locate your Household Size and Gallon Capacity in the chart above.
4. If your family is in the High Water Use Category, consider stepping up to the next Gallon Capacity option.

Water You Waiting For?

Be proactive in managing your water heater experience. In most homes in the Greater Cincinnati Area, household water heaters are well into their 8-10 year life expectancy. Replacing your tank as part of a regular household maintenance schedule means not having to replace one on an emergency basis (because we all know plumbing emergencies are the pits). And planning is always better than reacting. Call today and ask Ray to guide you through the water heater removal, replacement, and installation process. Call or contact   Ray today for a free estimate. 513-396-5300. We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service.