Monday, January 12th, 2015

Water Backflow Prevention – Is your cuppa clean & clear?

Many of our blogs and Facebook posts center on DIY projects and water reclamation/water recycling. Intentional water reclamation is a Good Thing. But when it’s taking place unannounced through an unwanted hydraulic event called ‘backflow’…well that’s a bad thing. Backflow occurs when non-potable water enters one’s water supply as a result of improperly connected and causes potentially deadly contamination. Understanding backflow and the fix – aptly named ‘backflow prevention’ – is important.

According to, backflow happens when “man-made contaminants enter the drinking water through cross-connected plumbing on private property. [These] contaminants can cause serious illness and the [property] owner can be held liable for damages.” In the vernacular, improperly connected plumbing causes your drinking water lines to hook up with your sewage, creating a condition where the good water and the bad water co-mingle in your drinking water. Yuuuuuck.

Cross-Connected Plumbing Defined

“A cross-connection is a point in the plumbing where ones drinking water is connected to a contaminated source and the contaminated water can flow back through the connection.” Typically, cross-connections can include (but are not limited to) the following:

· Sprinkler systems
· Utility sinks/wash basins
· Water conditioners
· Boilers, cooling towers and chillers

Backflow Prevention – It Matters.

If you have a home or business sprinkler system (lawn or fire) or any other plumbing situation where potable water is connected to a non-potable application, a backflow prevention device is a requirement. Two types are available for use with sprinkler systems: a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) for lawns that are mostly level and a reduced pressure assembly (RPA) for lawns that are hilly and uneven. Note that once you have a backflow prevention installed, state and city codes require the backflow prevention devices to be tested annually be a licensed inspector.

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