We’re deep into the dog days of summer, and that means our yards and gardens need watering more than ever. But it isn’t easy to keep grass, plants, and flowers hydrated without wasting water. And when the temps start to soar, it takes more than a little sprinkle from the hose to keep lawns and gardens healthy. 

If you’re trying to conserve water while maintaining a lush, green yard this year, we’ve got good news: there’s no need to compromise. You can save water and keep your yard hydrated with these simple tips below. Not only will you save a little money on your water bill with these tips, but you’ll be helping the planet grow a little greener by conserving water. 

Make friends with mulch

One of the simplest ways to keep your lawn hydrated is with mulch. Made from various materials, from straw and leaves, to bark and shredded paper, mulch acts as a barrier in your yard to prevent runoff. It will also keep moisture in the ground and help the ground stay cool on hot days. For yards on a slope, mulch is essential to help prevent runoff. 

Use water absorbing materials

In addition to mulch, other materials such as peat moss can work wonders in gardens. Have a compost pile? If so, put your compost to good use by mixing it in with the soil. These organic materials will help keep the ground moist. They also provide an excellent boost for soil by making it healthier, which, in turn, creates healthier grass and plants. 

Water better – not more

When watering, think quality over quantity. It may seem like standing in the yard, watering for a long period of time would be the most effective way to keep it hydrated, it’s simply not the case. Instead, focus on watering directly on plant roots so that the water penetrates the soil and gets right to where the plants need water the most: under the ground. 

Use drip irrigation

Many plants and shrubs benefit from being able to take in water slowly. That’s why it’s a good idea to visit your local home improvement or garden center to purchase a drip line for drip irrigation. This type of watering system helps to hydrate plants slowly and keep moisture off leaves, which can lead to disease in some plants. 

Drip irrigation is also very effective to insure that water gets beneath the top layers of soil, rather than staying on – or even running off – the soil surface. 

Timing is everything

Whether you’re using a drip irrigation system, sprinklers, or a little of both, we recommend investing in an automatic timer so your yard is watered at the same time every day. This will help if you’re away. It also helps to keep the ground’s moisture level consistent. 

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