Like smoke detectors inside the home, fall is the perfect time to check your exterior faucets. Do they have broken handles or are the handles hard to turn? Do they leak constantly? Are they unsealed where they enter the home’s foundation? 

If you’ve ever had these issues or are otherwise concerned about the state of your exterior faucets, it might be time to consider installing a new, frost-free options. 

Not only do frost-free faucets eliminate the need for annual maintenance, but you’ll no longer have to worry about ice forming in the water lines. That means little or no risk of burst pipes in the basement during the winter. And since colder months are well on their way, now is the time to consider adding frost-free exterior faucets to your home. 

What are frost-free exterior faucets?

Frost-free faucets prevent water from freezing inside your exterior pipes via a valve stem that connects from the faucet to inside the house. They are also designed to prevent water from pooling in the faucet where it’s liable to freeze when the temps drop. 

Three big benefits of frost-free pipes 

Reduced risk of pipe bursts

The shut off valve in traditional exterior faucets are located outside, which makes it particularly susceptible to freezing during the winter. This could lead to frozen pipes and even pipe bursts, which can cause serious damage to your home. 

In frost-free exterior faucets, the connection is installed within the walls of the home, so pipes stay warm and the water flowing through the pipes will remain warm, too. Additionally, all unused water will drain out of the pipes, outside, when the faucet is turned off. 

No backflow

If you’re worried about water contamination from traditional exterior faucets, consider switching to newer frost-free faucets. Because they come with backflow prevention, water won’t get into the home water supply when pressure drops. 

This helps prevent contamination. So, for example, a garden hose with fertilizer in the water won’t make it to your home’s interior pipes and water. 

Less maintenance

This is the time of the year when most homeowners start preparing exterior faucets for the winter. Usually, this involves draining the water valve and then covering the faucet, so it remains dry. 

With frost-free faucets, however, you won’t have to do any winterizing. Another bonus? Depending on how old your traditional faucets are, replacing them just might elevate the look of your home. 

Interested in frost-free faucets? While some homeowners install frost-free faucets on their own, we recommend letting the team at Allied Reddi-Rooter do the job. We can make sure the faucets fit properly and are ready for the tough winter months ahead.  Give us a call, or contact  us via our website.  We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service.  You can follow us on Facebook, @Allied Reddi-Rooter for the latest tips or to ask questions.