Clogs in drains can be stubborn and extremely difficult to remove. Even a small clog in a toilet or the kitchen sink can cause big problems and disrupt your life. Imagine getting dinner ready without a sink to use, for example. 

It’s tempting to try to clear a clog on your own. In fact, you may even be tempted to purchase a snake at your local hardware store to clear the clog yourself. And while that might work in a pinch, the solution might be temporary. 

When it comes to clogged drains, you’re better off contacting a professional plumber who can use a mechanical auger or perform water jet cleaning to clear the drain properly – and for good. 

What are drain snakes? 

Snakes are often the first go-to after an over-the-counter drain cleaning solution doesn’t do the job. Snakes look a lot like their name, they are a long device that runs down the drain to dislodge the clog and help flush the blockage. Snakes can be readily purchased at your local home improvement store and are easy to use. 

They are ideal to use for minor clogs in the bathroom, and for your garbage disposals and kitchen drains as well. However, it’s important to note that often, you’ll need a tougher device to unclog your pipes. 

What are mechanical drain augers?

If the drain snake did not work, it’s time to call a plumber, who can use a mechanical auger to get rid of the clog. Like a snake, these also are a long device but they’re able to cover wider pipes and drains than snakes can. 

How do snakes and augers differ? 

The biggest difference between a snake and an auger is that snakes can help with smaller clogs, while a mechanical auger that plumbing companies including Allied Reddi-Rooter use can reach the blockage, break it up, and effectively clear residue along the pipes. 

This means that mechanical augers are capable of working on the toughest clogs, and even on roots that grow into outdoor sewage pipes. Snakes might work fine for smaller pipes with minor clogs, but for most major clogs that require help from a plumber, an auger or water jet can better clear out the obstructions. 

What is water jet cleaning? 

Water jet cleaning is often the next step after a video inspection of your home’s pipes indicates a serious clog. The process works via an extremely high pressured hose with a nozzle on the end – much like a typical hose you use outdoors. 

However, this hose connects with a machine that pressurizes the water that is pushed out to create a powerful stream that can break up the most stubborn clogs. In addition to clearing out the pipes, it can also clean them so they function at their best and are less likely to clog in the future. 

When should have water jet cleaning?

Anyone with a serious clog should consider water jet cleaning. It’s also an excellent solution for getting rid of grease build up that is stubbornly clinging to the walls of the pipes. And since it can cut through tree roots, dried concrete and even wood (much like a laser beam), water jet cleaning is ideal for sewer pipe cleaning as well. 

What should I do if I have a stubborn clog in my drain? 

Call the team at Allied Reddi-Rooter a call at 513-396-5300, or contact  us via our website. We can use a mechanical auger or schedule water jet cleaning to take care of the clog in your drain for good. We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service.