Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Standing Water – It’s a Health Hazard

Plumbing Maintenance, Good Drains and Visual Inspections Make All the Difference.

With the recent wet weather, pools of standing, stagnant water can go unnoticed for weeks at a time, creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Eliminating standing water takes a little effort, but pays off in spades. Below are a few pointers:

Leaking Exterior Faucets
Leaking faucets can create puddles of accumulated water that are attractive to lady mosquitoes. Additionally, leaky faucets are a real drain on your water bill (see what I did there?)
To save money and dry up wet areas, repair or replace leaky or damaged faucets. Use a broom to sweep away any small puddles that have crept into your patio, sidewalk or driveway.

Clogged Driveway Drains and Broken Drain Tiles
Driveway drains can become filled with dirt and flood during heavy rains, which may contribute to a standing water problem. It’s also common for the drain tile that runs from the house to the street to become broken, especially in older neighborhoods.
Broken tiles (a.k.a. main drain lines) can create soggy spots in the yard that are unsightly and may have a sewage odor. And very green grass.

Manage Standing Water by Walking Around…Your Yard
Although the comfort of an air-conditioned living room is delightful, it’s well worth it to stroll the perimeter of the yard and look for standing water. Typical ‘hot spots’ include:
· Gutters – Keep ‘em clean! When gutters are clogged, water builds up and attracts insects (and tiny trees take root).
· Downspouts (the flexi-plastic kind) – Ensure water flows away from the downspout and is not accumulating in any bends or curves.
· Containers (bird baths, wrinkled tarps, buckets, bottle caps, litter, cups, toys, etc) – Even the smallest amount of water can quickly become a habitat for mosquito larvae. For bird baths, replace the water weekly and keep the birdbath container free of algae.
· Old tires – The most challenging container of all- trying to remove standing water from an old tire is hard. TIP: drill water drainage holes into the tire tread or contact your local waste company to find out how to dispose of old tires.
· Window wells – Everything (water, spiders, potato chip bags, toys) collects in the window well! Window well covers are a good investment, especially if standing window water tends to seep into your basement. TIP: a portable utility pump is a handy way to quickly drain standing water.

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