Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Plumbers: Masters of Problem Solving & Home Improvement

When it comes to listing our Top 3 Most Important Occupations, “Plumber” is ranks highly (but “Mom” ranks higher).

There’s a good reason why we chose this profession: Plumbers protect the health of the nation – ensuring safe and reliable drinking water, dry basements, and tidy toidies, to name a few. But consider these skills a good, solid a plumber brings to the table:

Gas line work

– Upgrading your kitchen range (or clothes dryer or water heater) from electric to gas? In the Greater Cincinnati Area, gas is plentiful, inexpensive, and your plumber can install and route gas lines with ease. Bonus: During Hurricane Ike, electric was out for days while city gas remained in full service…being without electricity is semi-enjoyable when you have hot water and a functioning stove. Your plumber (and we hope it’s Allied) can consult with you in detail on the advantages of electric-to-gas conversions.

Copper work

– Considering installing copper gutters or a copper standing-seam roof? A full-service plumber is a good place to start your research. Experienced plumbers are also master fabricators. They are able to purchase copper by the sheet and have to tools to make intricate bends and soldered connections.

HVAC work

– Heating (e.g., furnaces and boilers), ventilation (ductwork) and air conditioning are sweet spots in the plumbing business. It makes sense – these items feature pieces near and dear to our hearts: copper piping, valves, and fittings.

Re-tinning cookware

– Is your antique copper tea kettle (or favorite copper sauté pan) in need of a new tin lining? This is a little old-school, but there are plumbers in the area who are skilled an able at melting tin and making your old treasures new again.

Lead work

– Ever wondered how to make toy soldiers (such as the ones in the movie The Patriot) or what is involved in making lead castings? Talk to a plumber! An engaging one may take the time to show you (or your Scout troop) how to melt lead over a propane burner, pour the lead into the molds, and pop out a toy. According to, “The word plumber is derived from the Latin plumbum, for “lead.” Historically, pipes and joints were made from lead, and plumbers were…”lead workers” in addition to pipe-layers. [Because plumbers] often delve into the depths of pipes to clear clogs or diagnose problems, the term “plumbing” is used colloquially to describe deeply digging for information.”

Plumbing Analysts

– We like this one best of all. In situation involving the mechanical areas of your home or business, a good plumber has the ability to a) assess the situation, b) provide ideas for long term solutions, c) develop a project plan and d) perform the actual work.

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