Monday, November 6th, 2017

Licensed Master Plumber vs. Non-Licensed Plumber

Q: I have a clogged drain. Should I look for a Master Plumber or will a regular plumber be just as good?

A: Plumbers, like many professions, come with varying levels of training. Traditionally, there are three levels of plumbers:

Level 1: Apprentice
An Apprentice Plumber is at least 18 years old, has a high school diploma (or equivalent) and works under the mentorship of a Journeyman Plumber for 4-5 years in order to obtain the experience needed to progress to the next level.

Level 2: Journeyman
When an Apprentice Plumber is skilled enough has completed formal training and passes a licensing exam, they then work under the tutelage of a Master Plumber.

Level 3: Master Plumber
This is the pinnacle of plumbing skills/plumbing project management. In order to achieve Master Plumber status, Journeymen Plumbers are required to continue their formal education and specific plumbing coursework. Additional licensing tests are required. Master Plumbers are strategic thinkers, familiar with local building codes, blue prints, and available for consultation on large plumbing installations.

According to
“A master plumber will have years of experience and advanced skill levels. They will have a complete understanding of what can and can’t be done to keep your plumbing projects in compliance with local building codes and budget. If it is a large project they can create and offer a plumbing blueprint and make suggestions about what is best for your plumbing project. Most journeyman plumbers are very skilled craftsmen and can handle your plumbing installations and repairs very well. But, if you are facing a large commercial or particularly challenging project you may want to seek the services of a master plumber.”

To answer your question, if your job is a repair – a toilet replacement, clogged drain, water heater installation, or faucet replacement – your best approach is to seek Apprentice or Journeyman plumber. Budget-wise, they are your most economical plumbers and are skilled at repair jobs.

On the other hand, if your needs are commercial or new construction/large installation, then the services of a Licensed Master Plumber a good investment. A Master Plumber can guide you through permitting, codes, inspections, and overall plumbing strategy.

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