Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Let Freedom Ring this Memorial Day

Did you know that Memorial Day was born out of the American Civil War? Shortly after its end the U.S. Government in an effort to reunite our people, declared May 28 as Decoration Day. The intent was to ask Americans to decorate graves of those killed in the war in an attempt to unite America once again and offer a salute to those who gave everything. The day was designed to occur during peak blooming season to display the grandeur of nature’s renewal and the beauty of America that so many had lost of our decimating Civil War. The event was originally planned for Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. but quickly spread nationwide.

Allied hopes that we will not just look at the date as the kick-off to summer, or just another 3-day weekend. Instead, take a moment to study the meaning of our special Memorial Day and honor its messages of sacrifice, service, pride and commemoration. One great reference for better understanding of Memorial Day can be found on, a highly respected point-of-reference for all things military.  Give the team at Allied Reddi-Rooter a call or Contact us.  We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service.