Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Clogged pipes? Allied’s “ICU” camera provides emergency insights into your blockage

It doesn’t take much to clog a pipe – overzealous use of toilet paper, a washcloth, tree roots, and misplaced Matchbox cars are common culprits.

Thanks to improvements in technology, today’s plumbing professionals are able to use tiny, waterproof cameras to venture into your pipes and spy the cause of the clog as well as potential trouble spots in an entire drainage system.

At Allied, we like to think of pipe cameras as a portable “ICU” (as in “I see you”) service that helps resolve drainage problems quickly and efficiently for homeowners and businesses.

It’s like having an eyeball mounted on a cable.
Sewer and pipe cameras enable plumbers to detect problems without resorting to costly demolition and guess work. By using a camera, pinpointing the location of a malfunction is a much more reliable task.

Camera capabilities vary, but the more sophisticated versions include 360-degree tilt, expandable cable, color video displays, recording and playback functions, and other features that help detect faults in sewage and drainage systems.

Real-time view = fast results
At a cost upwards of $5000 for a robust camera system, plumbers who invest in state-of-the art tools such as a sewer camera likely also have high-tech “next steps”: water jetting equipment and powerful augers that can quickly clear drainage issues.

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