Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Cincinnati Plumber Truism: Electric eels & metal snakes are dinosaurs

We have a friend who is constantly yammering about “the way things used to be.” Dude, welcome to the innovations of the 21st century—some things from the past are better left behind. In plumbing, the tools used to bust up main drain line clogs have advanced a lot from electric eels and metal snakes. When it comes to clearing drain clogs quickly, thoroughly, and with minimal potential harm, today’s tool of choice is a high-pressure water jet.

Why Water Jet?
• Rigid metal cables cannot always fit through the tight radius of main drain lines.
• Metal snakes/eels can break through the drain lines, causing greater damage.
• Water jetters typically have a longer reach, making it easier to access longer drain runs.
• Water jetters work under high pressure, easily cutting through tree roots, silt and tough clogs.
• Water jetters are self-propelled and run smoothly through twisty drain lines.

Types of Household Drain Clogs
The most common cause of drain clogs are solid items in the piping, such as food, hair, grease, tree roots, personal toiletry products, washcloths, and toys. Below are clogs that happen frequently and may be a candidate for a high-pressure water jet cleaning.

• Main sewer line clog – Generally, homeowners are responsible for maintaining the portion of sewer line/main drain line between the house and the street (e.g., the part that’s buried in your yard). When a main line become clogged, tree roots are a common culprit.

• Dishwasher clog – When you run the dishwasher, does water backup into your sink? That’s a problem that bears investigation – your household drainage systems may benefit from a high-pressure water jetting to clear caked on grease that’s choking down drainage lines.

• Garbage disposal clogs – Disposals are one of our favorite plumbing devises, but they have limits. Run lots of cold water when using a disposal to ensure that food waste is washed away and doesn’t sit in your pipes. Never dispose of stringy foods (celery, fatty meats) or cooling oils/grease.

Water You Waiting For? Ray and his team of Allied Reddi-Rooter plumbing professionals are skilled at using high pressure water jetting to clear sewer line/main drain line clogs. If you are have water (or worse) backing up into your basement or bathroom drains, call, or Contact Ray today at 513.396-5300 for a free consultation on the advantages of high pressure drain cleaning. BONUS: Ask about our 2-hour arrival timeframe and discount coupons.  We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service.