If you are a restaurant owner, you know how critical it is to have an excellent plumbing system that can go the distance. Restaurant drains, pipes, and faucets work overtime, and when they need repaired, it simply can’t wait – business (not to mention hungry diners) depends on it. To emphasize, you need Cincinnati’s full-service restaurant plumber.  

Restaurant owners in Cincinnati know they can trust Allied Reddi-Rooter with all of their plumbing needs. And we do mean all of them. Take a look at our top plumbing services for restaurants below Learn more in our Restaurant Plumbing pages

Grease trap cleaning and repair
It’s essential for restaurants to have their grease trap and tank serviced regularly so fats, oils and grease don’t clog the pipes, which can lead to a serious problem (and a potentially costly repair). That’s why Allied Reddi-Rooter offers grease trap cleaning for restaurants, dining facilities, and anywhere else there’s a working commercial kitchen. 

When we clean your grease traps, we not only scrape build up from the trap, we also perform an extensive inspection to ensure every aspect of your grease trap is working properly. We also update the service log, so you stay in good status with the health department. 

Backflow repair
If you suspect that the water is dirty (anywhere in your restaurant) it’s important to contact a plumbing professional. Allied Reddi-Rooter offers backflow cleaning to make sure there’s no water returning to your pipes which can lead to an unsanitary situation. We can also replace your backflow preventer; a mechanical valve that prevents backflow in the first place. 

Faucet repair
Think about it: restaurant faucets have a big job to do. Not only are they used throughout service in the kitchen to cook food and clean dishes, but they’re used at the bars, service stations, and in the bathrooms. These specialized faucets require equally specialized, professional care on a regular basis. 

We recommend having your restaurant plumbing’s faucet system inspected at least once a year, and in the event that one should need immediate repair, we offer emergency service to keep your business running smoothly. 

Drain cleaning
Restaurant drains to triple duty. Not only must they support sinks, dishwashers, and appliances, but they are in constant use, and should they clog, it can wreak serous havoc on your business, especially during a busy time. 

We recommend having your drains serviced on a regular basis. At that time, we can inspect the pipes, sinks, and make any necessary repairs. Additionally, we encourage restaurant owners to take advantage of our high-definition drain and sewer line cameras to inspect your building’s plumbing. Learn more.

Sewer line inspection
Restaurants generate a lot of solid waste – from food to grease to wastewater. That’s why the sewer line needs to be maintained by a plumbing professional who can ensure that the line is working properly so that it doesn’t affect your business (as well as others in the building). 

Allied Reddi-Rooter is proud to offer restaurant sewer line video inspection, considered the gold standard when it comes to sewer line assessment. 

Gas line inspection 
When you have an issue with your gas line it’s imperative to get it repaired immediately. Waiting to take care of it isn’t just expensive, it can be downright dangerous.  Learn more.

We’re experts when it comes to every aspect of restaurant gas line systems. Give us a call to inspect and service yours. 

Allied Reddi-Rooter has been serving Cincinnati restaurants for all of their plumbing needs for more than seven decades. No matter what plumbing problem arises at your restaurant, we have the solution.

If you own and operate a restaurant, there’s a very good chance you’ve had a plumbing problem. Restaurants endure a lot of wear-and-tear on plumbing — from the restrooms to the kitchen. 

Even if you haven’t had a plumbing emergency, it’s still critical to have your restaurant’s plumbing routinely serviced. At Reddi-Rooter, our plumbers take care of plumbing needs at Cincinnati area restaurants almost every day, which is why we are Cincinnati’s restaurant plumbing specialists. 

Below are the top three plumbing repairs we perform at restaurants, and some tips to avoid them. 

Sink repair 

It’s one of the hardest working things at your restaurant (besides the employees, of course): the kitchen sink.  One of the biggest reasons kitchen sinks get clogged is from grease and oils that are flushed down the drain. In time, the grease and oil solidify on the sides of the pipes. Then, food particles and other debris cling to the oil. Eventually, this leads to clogs that need the attention of a professional plumber. 

Toilet Repair

The restaurant restrooms see a lot of visitors. Over time toilets and urinals endure wear-and-tear that can lead to various repairs. Additionally, toilets in restaurants can get clogged when customers flush too much tissue or items that are not to be flushed (like sanitary napkins) at all. On top of that, urine contains acids and minerals that can eat away at the toilet’s surface and lead to cracking or breaking. 

Grease Trap Repair

When dishes get washed, grease and oils from the plates and utensils should travel through the pipes and end up in the grease trap. That trap needs to be cleaned regularly, but if it isn’t, it can lead to major clogs in the kitchen’s sink. In order to prevent this, you should have the grease trap cleaned by a plumber on a regular basis. 

Keep your restaurant plumbing working with these tips:

Watch for slow drains. When you see water draining slowly anywhere in your restaurant, take care of it immediately. That slow drain indicates a clog somewhere, and the chances of it becoming a bigger problem is great. Take slow drains seriously and call the plumber.   

Regularly clean the grease traps. Like we mentioned above, you’ll need to get your restaurant’s grease traps cleaned by a plumber routinely. Not only are grease traps essential to keep fats from reaching the sewer, but when fats get clogged in grease traps it can eventually clog the septic tank system, too. 

Look for leaks. If you detect leaks coming from your kitchen faucet fixtures or pipes, or if you see water on the floor near the base of toilets in your restaurant’s restroom, it’s time to call a plumber. Like with slow drains, try to enlist a professional as soon as the problem arises to avoid bigger issues in the future.  

Use filters. Drain filters are a very simple and easy way to avoid clogs in your kitchen’s pipes. Purchase drain filters specifically designed for restaurant sinks to do the best job catching food and other debris.

While you may be able to do plumbing DIY at your home, you’ll want to leave overseeing your restaurant’s plumbing up to the professionals. Clogged drains or grease traps, leaks and plumbing issues in bathrooms can cause the kind of damage that takes away from your restaurant’s success. 

We’re Cincinnati’s restaurant plumbing specialists. Give us a call to keep your restaurant’s plumbing working it’s best. Call or Contact the at Allied Reddi-Rooter, 513-396-5300.  We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service.