Monday, June 21st, 2021

5 things to know about pets and plumbing 

5 things to know about pets and plumbing

If you think your pets can’t cause plumbing problems, think again. All it takes is a little too much pet hair in the drain or a hole dug a bit too deep by the pup to warrant a visit from the plumber. Luckily, pets and plumbing can get along just fine, as long as you take a few protective measures. 

Here’s 5 things you should know about pets and plumbing. 

Never flush cat litter. No kitty litter is safe to flush down the toilet. We can’t say this enough. While newer cat litters say they’re flushable, it is never advisable to dispose of it in the toilet. This is an especially important rule to follow if your live in a home with older plumbing. Kitty litter will clog the pipes and create a backup that’s particularly difficult to fix yourself. 

Always close the toilet lid. This is another important thing to remember and a habit you’ll want to master if you have pets. The chemicals used to clean toilets are acidic and toxic to pets. If you have a chemical drain cleaner in your toilet, please keep the lid closed. To help deter your pet from drinking out of the toilet, always make sure that they have plenty of fresh water on hand. And should you see any signs that your pet has ingested something toxic (vomiting, seizures, lethargy, for example) take them to the vet right away. 

Watch where dogs dig. If your pup’s favorite hobby is digging holes deep enough to reach China, you’ll want to limit their digging or give them a better way to occupy their time. The reason you don’t want them digging in the yard is because your sewer lines could be closer to the surface than you think. In fact, sometimes they’re just a foot or so below the ground. Should your dog damage the sewer line, that can be an extensive (and expensive) repair. 

Brush them frequently. It may seem like odd advice coming from a plumber, but we recommend brushing your pet’s coat regularly and for good reason: the more your cat or dog sheds, the more likely that excess hair will end up in the drain. Eventually, it can lead to a clogged drain that requires a visit from the plumber. 

Don’t bathe them in the tub. Ditto for the sink if you’ve got a little one. This goes with the point above about pet hair in drains. Instead, give them a good cleaning outside if it’s warm enough (and they’re comfortable with the hose), take them to a professional groomer, or take advantage of a pet store with a pet washing station.  

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