Saturday, July 12th, 2014

3 must-have kitchen water gadgets you’ll love

1. Instant Hot Water Dispenser

– This one device will change your entire kitchen routine for the better, instantly. At the touch of a button, enjoy scalding 200-degree water without waiting for the kettle to boil. This inexpensive time-saver serves up coffee, tea, hot cider or any hot drink – instantly. Forget the microwave…an instant hot water dispenser cooks hot cereals/baby food, blanches vegetables, thaws frozen foods in seconds without any spillover to clean up later. With instant hot water, clean-up is a snap: remove labels, candle wax residue, crusty leftover dishes. we bet that the more you use one, the more uses you’ll find.

2. Pot Filler Faucet

– Today’s kitchens can easily and affordably resemble those of the finest professional chef. One key “must-have” feature: a pot-filler faucet. Both practical and attractive, pot-fillers can be “deck-mounted” like a standard faucet or wall-mounted. Both styles have articulated arms that fold out when you need to fill a pot, then fold flat to stow neatly out of the way.

Unlike traditional kitchen faucets, however, pot-fillers are installed near your stove, giving you three big advantages:

• No more carrying heavy pots of water from the sink to the stove (goodbye wrist strain).
• Filling pots at the stove frees up your sink for food preparation.
• Identifies you as a serious cook (and makes you the envy of your friends).

3. Sink Sprayer

– The least appreciated of kitchen gadgets, the sink sprayer is arguably the most useful kitchen tool since the invention of the faucet (have you seen the brush attachment?!) Whether you are rinsing the sink after doing the dishes, creating bubbles in a car-wash bucket of suds, or giving the baby a bath in the sink, the sink sprayer is the go-tool tool of choice.

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