Sharing a bathroom can be tough, especially when there’s more than two people living under one roof. If you’ve ever had to wait while the bathroom is occupied or shared a sink while getting ready for work, you’ve probably considered adding a second bathroom. 

Besides convenience, adding an additional bathroom may just be a sound investment if you’re looking to increase your home’s value. In fact, houses with just one bathroom are known deal breakers for many home buyers. 

So, if you’ve got a spare closet or bedroom or are willing to open a wall or get creative in the garage or basement, you may just want to get the ball in motion and make it happen. 

Here’s our list of the five best places in your home to add a bathroom:  

The master or spare bedroom 

If your master bedroom is large enough to warrant a wall, consider building in an additional bathroom. You could add sliding doors or opt for no wall and simply add a bathing area within the master bedroom itself. 

If you go that route, we recommend choosing a bathtub that will elevate the look of the room. In fact, many homeowners choose to add a bathing space in the master bedroom if they’re looking for a bigger, more luxurious bathtub or some jacuzzi time.  

Another great option is to convert a small guest bedroom into a bathroom. Usually, this will give you enough space for a second full bath, which can really increase the value of your home. 

A closet 

One of the most practical areas to build an additional bathroom is in a closet, especially a walk-in closet that offers enough room for a bathtub and shower as well as a toilet and sink (essentially a “full bathroom”). 

You’ll need at least 25 square feet to build a bathroom in a closet. That’s enough for a half bath with a shower. The average cost for a closet to half bath conversion is about $3,500. 

The hallway 

If you have a hallway area that’s long and offers space between rooms, you could nestle a bathroom there. You’ll need to open a wall, however, so this option requires a little more labor than it would to turn most closets into a bathroom. Because of this, the average cost to add a bathroom in a hallway space is between $4,000 to $5,000. 

One thing to note: You’ll need to make sure there are outlets or at least the ability to add electricity and access the water supply before going forward with this addition. If you need to add wiring and piping this remodel can get pricey. 

The garage 

Since using the garage for additional living space is becoming quite popular, it’s no surprise that it’s also becoming a very popular place for another bathroom. 

Ideally, your garage would be attached to your home and be large enough to fit two cars. Otherwise, you’ll have to walk outside to use the bathroom – and a one car garage may be too small a space for much more than a toilet. 

You’ll need to make sure your garage can connect to a power and a water source. And you’ll likely have to install a ventilation system to ensure the moisture from the bathroom doesn’t create mold damage to the garage walls. 

The basement 

We kept this option last because, while adding a bathroom in the basement is popular amongst homeowners, it can also be one of the most expensive places for this addition. In fact, some basement bathroom build outs can cost about $10,000 or more. 

The reason for the extra expense is due to the fact that, unless the basement walls are treated, moisture from a shower or bath can damage the walls enough that it will affect the structural integrity of the house. 

You’ll need to consult with a builder who has experience adding bathrooms in basements, and make sure there’s appropriate ventilation should you decide to make it a full bath with a shower and tub.

We’re all staying home a lot more these days, but let’s face it, you can only watch so many shows on Hulu and Netflix without getting bored, no matter how interesting they are. If you’re tired of Seinfeld episodes and true crime documentaries and need something to do around the house to be proud of, why not take a weekend and make small updates to the bathroom? 

Not only can one of the smallest rooms in the house be transformed in a matter of days with little effort and elbow grease, but doing updates now may just get you looking forward to the warmer days ahead, when you can focus on getting out and enjoying yourself, knowing that the bathroom updates have already been done. 

Ready to get started? Take a look below at our top seven ways to update your bathroom in a weekend. These little changes can make a big difference!

1. Make it smart. Smart technology can really take your bathroom to the next level. Whether it’s a faucet, mirror, or bathroom mat, nearly every accessory and appliance in your bathroom can utilize smart technology to make living a little easier. 

Take the Mateo smart bathroom mat for example. When you step on the mat, it can give you your weight, body-mass index, and even helpful tips to help you get healthier. The mat can be synched to your phone so you can keep track of its readings. 

There are plenty of smart mirrors out there, like the CareOS Poseidon that offers personalized skin care. Using facial recognition technology, this mirror can customize results for every individual and also features different lighting and a magnifying feature. 

Note that some smart bathroom accessories can be pricy. If you like having the latest and greatest technology but are on a budget, consider a smart showerhead or faucet. 

2. Get organized. Okay, we admit the next two ideas aren’t very fun, but once you finish them, you’ll feel great. The first is organizing the bathroom. Start by tossing out any old products like those half-used mini shampoo bottles you scored at the hotel. 

Then, install shelving for everyday bathroom items like towels. IKEA makes sturdy, affordable bathroom shelving, but you could also check out craft websites like for one-of-a-kind shelving that makes a statement. 

3. Do a deep clean. We recommend deep cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis. Use a tried-and-true product like Ajax to clean soap scum from your bathtub and mop your floors by getting down to reach under radiators and behind the toilet and sink. 

Everything Old is New Again: Home Cleaning Edition 

4. Think tile. Bathrooms are often the most tiled part of the house – and for good reason. They’re easy to clean, can remain free from harmful bacteria, and can last a lifetime. But they need a little TLC from time to time. 

If you’re looking to update the bathroom, try painting the grout between the tiles. Choose a contrasting color from your tile to really make a statement and avoid white grout so it always looks clean. 

Another great weekend project is to retile (or tile for the first time) the wall behind the sink. The small area is a great place to start if you’re new to tiling. To really make a statement, choose colorful Spanish tile, splurge on tile from Cincinnati’s Rookwood Pottery, or search online for vintage, reclaimed tile.  

5. Give it light. Switching up your light fixtures is a great way to update your bathroom in no time. Install bathroom lights over your vanity, add wall sconces, or even a bathroom chandelier (yes, these are a thing). 

LED lights can help cut costs on your electric bill and four-way lights can create various moods to help enhance whatever you’re doing in the bathroom – from soft light for the hot bath to bright light to floss that hard-to-reach last molar.  

6. Paint the walls. It’s a new year, so why not paint your bathroom a new color? All it takes is a weekend to add a coat of paint (or two) to the bathroom walls. Additionally, painting the bathroom can create a cleaner space as well. Avoid flat or matte paint in this room, instead choose a gloss or a satin paint for easier cleaning. 

7. Replace the vanity or sink. This DIY project is completely doable in a weekend, but it’s a bit more involved than most other projects on the list. Don’t be intimidated, though, because replacing the vanity isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Remember to measure your space before choosing the vanity, have tools on hand, and take advantage of tutorials on YouTube.  

As you update your bathroom, remember that the team at Allied-Reddi Rooter is only a phone call away. We can’t help you paint the walls, but we can help keep your bathroom functioning it’s very best.