Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Water Heaters, Wet Basements and Gurgling Drains: Online Plumbing Forums are a good go-to point.

Why do people call a plumber?  At Allied Reddi-Rooter, we like to think it’s because we’re among the best plumbers in town. We enjoy that people trust us with ensuring the safety of their drinking water and sanitary situations.  Deep down, however, we know home and business owners usually call because the job is dirty. The job is big and/or overwhelming. The job takes time, skills, and tools beyond what the caller can provide.   In plumbing, that’s pretty much how it works.

This week, we’d like to share our favorite links to online plumbing forums.   These forums are both entertaining and informative – how many times have we all wondered if toilets should flush and fill at the same speed?  Frankly, it’s heartwarming to know that other people have water simultaneously flowing from the tub spout and shower head.

Plumbing forums a good way to quickly research a problem and gain insight into a situation before (or instead of) hiring a plumber.  It’s good to be informed.

Typically, the forums are moderated and managed by a credible plumbing expert.  Users post plumbing questions to the forum and await replies/advice from the forum members.  Answers range from vague-to-detailed, depending on the skills and knowledge of those who take the time to reply.

Below are links to our favorite forums:
This Old House/Plumbing (  – When it comes to plumbing TV personalities, TOH’s Richard Trethewy is The. Best.  Known to at least 3 generations of DIY-ers, Richard is professional, polished, and always offers sound approaches to plumbing needs.    This structured forum is exceptional – it’s well-written, easy to navigate, and includes how-to videos for common plumbing problems.

Plumbing Forums ( – This is precisely with it advertises:  a bulletin board of plumbing Q-and-A, sorted by category:
• General plumbing help – by far the most popular category with 18,467 posts)
• Drain and Sewer Cleaning
• Plumbing Tools and Equipment
• Plumbing Codes (with a paltry 699 posts…code, schmode)
• The Family Handyman’s Plumbing Forum ( – The Family Handyman has multiple forums (Bath & Kitchen, Flooring & Tile, etc.), but we like their plumbing forum a great deal.  Readers offer troubleshooting tips and good suggestions on when it’s appropriate to call a professional.
• Terry Love’s Plumbing Forum (  – Terry Love is based near Seattle and appears to be on the leading edge of internet plumbing.  His online approach is definitely interesting and appears technically sound.

Water You Waiting For?  If, after researching your plumbing concern,  you find that a professional may be needed, call or contact  Allied Reddi-Rooter (513.396.5300).  Ray’s team of professionally-trained plumbers are available 24/7 throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton area.