Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Updating your bathroom? Consider these popular ideas.

When it comes to home improvements, bathrooms are among America’s favorite focal point. Below are a few thoughts on popular improvements, in order of affordability and ease-of-installation.

Kwik-Sip In-faucet Drinking Fountain

Kids love, LOVE this! At the push of a button, your bathroom faucet magically transforms into a drinking fountain. No more squeezing your head between the lavatory and the faucet, drinking from one’s hands, or keeping cups on the side of the sink. Perfect for brushing teeth or filling the steam iron, this inexpensive attachment makes your bathroom hydration experience one of pure joy. Fits all standard faucets and features an adjustable height and spray pattern. Tip: A similar gadget is available for the outdoor use (instead of drinking from the garden hose): the EZ Flow Drinking Fountain Faucet is a self-closing bubbler that attaches to your exterior faucet.

Power Shower Heads

Ever since the introduction of lo-flo technology, taking a sublimely soothing shower can be a challenge. At Allied, we’re big fans of strong flows and variable settings. Add in a handheld feature, and our joy is unbounded (especially when we are washing the dog). Below are three top choices for good, strong shower heads:

Speakman Anystream – With 3 settings (tingling spray, dense stream, and gentle rinse), “powerful and invigorating” is an apt description of this head. Speakman is a company with a good reputation for quality and is commonly found in both homes and institutions across the country. Solid brass construction, attractive, and available in 5 classic finishes.

Delta 7-Setting Hand Shower – The clear winner in the category of “Best Handhelds”. Seven spray settings, a lengthy hose, and an easy-to-use control dial. Highly rated for ease-of-installation and long stream, this is idea for homes where mobility may be an issue. Limited lifetime warranty and 3 finishes.

Moen Velocity – Looking for a rain shower experience? The Moen Velocity scores high numbers for temperature control, water feel, and overall usability. The 8″ head has two settings: higher-pressure spray and a gentle setting. Truly luxurious, it’s available in 4 finishes and inclus a limited lifetime warranty.


Yep, its true – urinal installation in home bathrooms (granted, its usually in man-cave) is increasingly popular. Modern designs and materials bring long-deserved elegance, beauty, and fun one of the hardest-working devices in the business. Thanks to advances in flush-less technology, LED lighting, and design approaches that are the envy of MOMA, today’s urinals (a.k.a., “the ultimate toilet”) are truly an enhancement to one’s home.

Water you waiting for?
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