$250 Sewer Main Underground Videos

Allied Reddi-Rooter can fix the toughest drain issue 24/7: 513-396-5300Our videos reveal everything that is standing in the way of a clear sewer main. Here’s how it can empower you…

There is a lot to consider when buying a home. Some things like roof, windows and siding are straight forward. Others, like termites, mold and plumbing/sewer issues can be tricky. Allied Reddi-Rooter can help ease your mind quickly and cost-effectively with our Groundhog video sewer line inspection. Homebuyers have potential leverage with the present home owner. It’s better to request that the work be done by them prior to the sale or be used to lower the home’s price, than to absorb it after you move in. Located sewer line issues can cost thousands of dollars to repair and truly change the landscape of your yard while repair is underway, not to mention putting a wet blanket on home life.

Whether you are a home buyer, home seller, or just a curious homeowner, our underground camera inspection of the sanitary line will show any problems visually and in an absolute way. You will see any issues immediately in video form. Allied also provides the video on USB thumb drive for your future reference. There is no guessing with this proof.

$250… It’s a small amount to pay in order to identify potential big problems. It will go a long way toward peace-of-mind OR leverage when placing an offer on the biggest investment in your life.

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