Monday, April 17th, 2017

Toilets: Repair or Replace? That is the question.

Last weekend, as we jiggled the toiled handled again (and again and again) to make it stop running, we felt it might be time to replace the toilet. Got in the car, went to the Big Box Hardware Store, and did a Price Check. Ouch. We quickly realized a good new toilet is an investment in time, money, and labor.


We had two approaches: For a few dollars, we could replace the tank parts – an easy DIY project. On the other hand, we could purchase a new toilet for around $125 (low-end model) – $400 (better model with more features). Although a new toilet adds cheer and cleanliness to the bathroom, it’s a big job. Toilets are heavy, awkward and what do you do with the old one? (Hint: It’s hard to find a community that welcomes planters made from old toilets).

Checklist: When do you need to replace a toilet?
– When the porcelain is cracked or broken (Hint: small cracks can leak large amounts of water)
– When you want to upgrade a better model/style (one piece vs. two piece unit, elongated bowl, quieter flush mechanisms, )
– When the interior is scratched and difficult to clean
– If the old toilet design is prone to creating clogs (which can be true of some low-end models)

After reviewing the reasons for toilet replacement, we opted for the “repair” route. Our repair was simple – it only required opening the tank and swapping the old parts for new.

Had we needed to actually “lift” the toilet to either re-seat it or replace the wax ring gasket underneath, we would’ve given the extra step of purchasing a new toilet further consideration. As it stands, we took the easy route and we’re happy with our success.

Water You Waiting For? If your toilet wobbles when you sit upon it, leaks, has a scratched bowl that is difficult to clean, or frequently clogs, it may be time to consider a replacement. Call Ray today and seek his thoughts on whether a new toilet is in your future. (513) 396-5300, or Contact us. We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service. .