Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

The BEST Father’s Day Gift: Plumbing and Beer!

My husband is the proud father of four terrific, almost-grown kids. Our 24th Father’s Day together is upon us. Finding the right gift each year is a challenge. We’ve gifted him with beer so many times we’re embarrassed by our lack of creativity. Fortunately, he’s Irish and doesn’t mind.

This year, however, our focus is home improvements. With a tiny bit of plumbing (and by plumbing I mean “move the dryer gas line to a better position”), the man cave that is our basement could be more functional for him (and by “for him” I mean “for me”).

As it happens, a few weeks ago the professionals at Allied Reddi-Rooter came by to fix a leaky exterior faucet. While there, we chatted about options for improving our basement washer/dryer setup so laundry time could be more efficient.

Free Estimates Over the Phone or In Person
In our situation, the Allied plumber recommended a simple gas line adjustment (about $150)that would allow us to move the dryer next to the washing machine. Shuh-uh – we’ve been frustrated by our laundry situation for over 20 years when $150 (only $120 with the 20% off Father’s Day coupon) could resolve the situation.

Guess what my husband is getting for Father’s Day? A sleek, new, beer-filled mini-fridge that fits precisely in the spot where the dryer used to be.

Competitive Prices: No Bait and Switch
How many times have you received a quote only to have the price go up when the work is performed? Not with Allied. In my case, I anticipated a $300+ bill when they came to perform a faucet repair, based on the telephone estimate. In reality, the fix was far simpler than anticipated. My final bill was just $95. Truly, Allied could’ve easily performed the $300 fix and I would’ve been none the wiser. They were honest from start to finish and explained my true plumbing issue. I was sold on Allied at that very moment.

Water You Waiting For? Look around and consider how a new plumbing can do improve your home life. From shiny new faucets to connecting fridges with icemakers, from wet bars to clearing up wet basement floors with sump pumps, the professionals at Allied Reddi-Rooter will joyfully assist with your home improvements. Give Dad the best this year. Give him an Allied Reddi-Rooter plumber. Call or Contact Ray today (513) 396-5300 for a free estimate.  We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service.