Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Plumbing makes positives differences in our everyday life

If thoughts of plumbing brings visions of nasty clogs, flooded basements, grease traps and sewers, think again. Sure, plumbing work is not all sugarplums and chocolate oranges, but it definitely has moments that make a positive difference in people’s lives, homes, and businesses. At Allied, we love our work and the ways in which we are able to enrich your water and sanitation experiences in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. Plumbing is an ever-changing industry on the leading edge of better living. According to, “recent legislative mandates regarding water conservation, as well as water safety and health concerns” have created four exciting trends in the plumbing business. (THANKS, Environmental Protection Agency!)

Purchase your own parts/DIY

Because of the growing popularity of instructional YouTube videos (THANKS, internet!) and DIY television programs, homeowners and small business owners are able to tackle small plumbing fixes on their own rather than hiring a plumber. In big-box hardware stores, it’s easy to see the trend – plumbing aisles are laid out in a manner that mimics the way homeowners will approach a project. Gregg Kirksey, plumbing buyer for Scarborough Lumber in Ben Lomond, California notes that in his store “the first aisle has ABS and PVC fittings. The next aisle over is toilet repair, then next is faucet and faucet repair,” he says. Plumbing hardware retailers are seeing increased interest in no-solder and flexible gas fittings, PEX products and other fitting innovations that simplify pipe connections.

At Allied Reddi-Rooter, we fully support handy homeowners and appreciate that some repairs are easily accomplished without us. But, if you find the job to be a bit more involved that initially thought, our trained plumbers are just a phone call away. And if that weekend trip to the big orange home store lands you with a new lavatory, vanity, stool, showerhead or faucet, we’ll happily install it for you.

Skilled Troubleshooting and Customer service

When looking for a plumber, seek out a company that has a solid knowledge of common plumbing complaints. Typically, you’ll find that local plumbers who have been in business for decades have a reputation for troubleshooting and outstanding customer service. The best plumbers will be able to isolate the trouble, explain it clearly, and likely offer repair solutions in lieu of a full fixture replacement. Plumbing is all the mechanics of “parts” – unless the porcelain is cracked or the pipe has burst, it’s typically repairable, saving you both time and money.

Water Conservation and Reclamation

Followers of our blog, may have noticed that water conservation is a favorite topic. Although water use is not highly regulated in Cincinnati (yet), it’s a national and global trend. Products such as rain barrels/catchment systems, low-flow showerheads toilets continue to lead the way in plumbing innovations. In the coming year, look for water conservation workshops held by local retailers as a way to educate consumers about the importance of water awareness.

Energy Efficiency

According to , “In 2015, the government is expected to regulate new efficiency standards for electric and gas water heaters, similar to the [recent] light bulb regulations.” (THANKS, big government!). The new standards won’t make existing units illegal, but the newly manufactured ones must meet the new standards:

· Electric water heaters with more than 50 gallons capacity must have a heat pump to improve efficiency.
· Gas water heaters must have a 2″ thick tank insulation wrap, to keep the water hotter longer and to achieve a minimum energy efficiency ratings.
· Tankless water heaters may become more popular as a result of the new regulations. In spite of the higher initial investment, tankless water heaters offer energy savings over time.

Water Filtration Systems

Cincinnati water quality from the plant-to-your-faucet is widely known to be among the best in the nation. That being said, the quality of our drinking water from the faucet-to-glass can be improved further with the installation of a water filtration system. Readily available and inexpensive (THANKS, internet!), filtrations systems vary from the standard charcoal-filter pitcher to in-line systems for your faucet and refrigerator. If you have an in-line system, we recommend replacing the filter every 6 months (bacteria grows in wet, dark places).

Water You Waiting For?

Allied Reddi-Rooter has been serving Greater Cincinnati residential and commercial plumbing repair needs since 1950 (and recently, the Dayton area), our skilled team is available for drain cleaning and sewer repair, stack replacement, water main installation/repair, leaking pipes, broken toilets, water heater and sump pump installation at home, plus restaurant grease trap cleaning. Call or contact   Ray today for a free estimate. 513-396-5300. We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service.