Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Is your basement a fright or a delight?

When we were kids, grandma’s dark, damp and unfinished basement was a treasure trove of leftover memories from the late 19th – mid-20th century. The pungent smell of mildew and an always-damp concrete floor added to the mystique. Her basement scent – also found in caves and deep in the forest under decaying logs – is forever etched in our memories.

Grandma’s basement was a leaker. Kids loved it, but it was a scary and uncomfortable place for adults.

In Basements, Dry is Good. Wet is Bad.

If you are thinking of upgrading your home’s living areas, a basement renovation is a good indoors project during the winter months. Generally, basements are unfinished for one reason – water problems. Tackling basement water problems in advance of a renovation is a good plan. It can comprise several areas and takes time and effort to resolve:
1. Identify the leak(s). In Cincinnati, hard clay soil make drainage difficult during severe weather.
2. Stopping or re-routing the leak
3. Ensuring dryness in the future

Identify the Leak

– Obvious leaks are easy – burst pipes, overflowing laundry sinks or toilets. Leaks coming up through the floor or through masonry walls during a heavy rain are more challenging.

Stop or Re-Route the Leak

– depending on the source of the leak, remediation can take several forms, including:

• Waterproofing concrete or stone walls with basement waterproofing paint such as UGL or Drylock.
• Repairing or replacing your gutters
• Making landscaping improvements around your foundation to ensure that heavy rain or melting snow flows away from your home.
• Installing a sump pump to remove unwanted water in (or under) your basement.
• For difficult-to-stop leaks that occur during heavy rain, consider digging a small channel in your basement floor to route water directly to a floor drain.
• Installing an additional floor drain or repairing an existing one may have a broken tile or is clogged with tree roots.

Ensure Ongoing Dryness

– Basements, by their nature, are always a bit damp even when they appear dry. A good dehumidifier is a good investment.

Water You Waiting For? Allied Reddi-Rooter has lots of experience in drying out wet basements. From sump-pumps to clog repair, our trained professional plumbers can help with your renovation. Call or contact   Ray today for a free estimate. 513-396-5300. We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service.