Monday, March 16th, 2020

How Allied Reddi-Rooter became Cincinnati’s top plumber 

Allied-Reddi Rooter has helped Cincinnati homes and businesses with every plumbing need, from repairing leaking pipes to clearing drains, installing water mains to cleaning grease traps, since 1950. With 70 years of experience serving our community, we’ve come to know a thing or two about delivering exceptional plumbing service. That’s why, today, we are consistently ranked as one of the top plumbing specialists in Cincinnati. 

So, what does it take make a good plumber a great one? Experience, for one thing.  You’ve also got to love what you do. At Allied Reddi-Rooter, plumbing is our craft, and we take great pride in our work and taking care of our customers. 

All plumbing companies – whether they’re in Cincinnati or elsewhere – will tell you they deliver quality plumbing repairs at competitive pricing. And they’ll tell you they put their customers first, too. But what elevates a plumbing company to the ranks of Allied Reddi-Rooter? Well, that takes a lot more. Take a look at the reasons we’re Cincinnati’s preferred plumber below: 

Great plumbers are available 24/7. Seriously. At Allied Reddi-Rooter, we know that when a plumbing emergency happens, the worst thing you can do is wait. Plumbing emergencies require fast action to ensure the issue doesn’t get worse and cause further damage to your home. That’s why we are committed to providing 24/7 service for emergencies.  

The best plumbers will give you an immediate estimate. We can provide you with an immediate estimate over the phone for 95% of plumbing repair projects, and we’re able to offer this because we’re plumbing experts. There’s a very good chance that we’ve seen your plumbing problem before, so we can confidently give you an estimate quickly. 

Or, they will come to you.  As for the 5% of the time when we need to learn more about your plumbing concern, or of the project is complex, we’ll hop in one of our fully-equipped service trucks and come to you before we provide an estimate. And we’ll do this free of charge. 

The best plumbers offer emergency, overnight or holiday service performed at no extra charge. We care about our customers, which is why we’re available to help 365 days a week. Drain clog on Thanksgiving Day? Accidentally drop your wedding ring down the sink at midnight (yes, this does happen!), or suddenly see a pool of water on your basement floor? You can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered whenever you need us. 

And they schedule repairs within hours rather than days. Your time is important to us. When you call us to fix a plumbing issue at your home of business, you have our promise that we will be there ASAP, as in hours – not days. 

They value all feedback. Our customer’s opinion matters. We want to do everything we can to earn your confidence. You can be sure that every customer review is read and considered valuable so we can do our job better.

The best plumbers follow-up. Don’t be surprised if we call you after we complete your plumbing project. That’s just us making sure you’re satisfied with the quality of work we delivered and to ensure that the plumbing repair went as planned. 

And we go the extra mile. At Allied Reddi-Rooter, we are always looking for ways to say “thank you” to our customers and offer year-round monthly plumbing deals and incentives like tickets to local museums and monthly discounts. 

No other Cincinnati plumber wants to earn your business more. Through low prices, fast, quality work and monthly deals, we hope you will keep us front-of-mind next time you need plumbing help.

Call or Contact  the team at Allied Reddi-Rooter know.  We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service.