Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Cincinnati Water Fluoridation – Better teeth or secret plot?

Fluoridation in Cincinnati water… It helps! It’s an evil 1950s Commie plot! It’s another “So Cincinnati” must-read debate. We like to make our own decisions in the Queen City. In 1974 we opted (or did we?) to fluoridate our drinking water, so the chemical has been added to our tap water for four decades without fanfare. Well, the stone-turning Cincinnati Enquirer has uncovered yet another front-pager, with the revelation that the fluoride dump may not be legally binding as it was implemented in the Nixon Era. (Could this be another cover up?)

Fluoride is in many products that we selectively use daily – like toothpaste. Do we need it in our water too? Absolutely! No way!! Anyway… We love our soap operas thanks to Procter & Gamble and here’s yet another. Read the article and decide for yourself: