Monday, September 19th, 2016

Cincinnati Plumber Advisory: Plan Your Winterizing Activities Now

On our morning commute, the morning radio show host mentioned this year we are having a “hot Fall.” Plumbers love that! These unseasonably warm weekends are perfect for outdoor plumbing winterization activities.  Plumbing is especially susceptible to cold weather and freezing and burst pipes can cause $$$$ in water damage. Below are a few preventative tips that we like to share at this time of year.

Outdoor Plumbing Preparations
• Exterior faucets – If you are ready to stop turning your exterior water faucets on and off each spring and fall, consider installing a frost-proof faucet.
• Ultra low maintenance and your exterior faucets can be used at any time of the year.
• Cons: Frost proof faucets cost a little more, we’ve yet to find anyone who isn’t happy with their frost-proof faucet investment.

For non-frost-proof faucets, winterize them by turning off the exterior faucet water supply. Drain the faucet by opening the outside valve (i.e., turn the water faucet on until no more water comes out). Additionally, consider an insulated Styrofoam cover for the faucet – they are inexpensive. Lastly, disconnect the garden hoses and store them in the garage or basement for the winter.
• Sprinkler Systems – Purge the system by shutting off the water supply and forcing compressed air through the sprinkler lines to remove excess water and prevent lines from freezing and bursting.
• Water Features (garden ponds, fountains) – -drain them, unplug the pump(s) and cover them for winter.

Inside – Insulation Matters
• Insulate exposed water or drain pipes in crawlspaces, attics, outside walls, etc., to prevent freezing and bursting.
• Consider an insulating blanket for your hot water tank. This simple approach can reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain hot water temperatures.
• Wall outlets are notorious for cold air leaks. Insulate all outlets (exterior and interior) with inexpensive foam gaskets.

Water You Waiting For? The first freeze may be a few weeks away; it’s helpful to lay winterizing plans and make arrangements with plumbers and heating/cooling specialists now. Allied Reddi-Rooter’s trained professionals are at the ready to assist with your winterizing needs. Whether your winterizing needs are for your year-’round home or vacation home, we can assist with your exterior and interior plumbing needs. Call or Contact  the team at Allied Reddi-Rooter today: 513-396-5300.  We always come highly recommended and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for our expert quality of service.