Monday, June 2nd, 2014

All Washed Up: Old washing machine hoses

Over 50% of insurance claims related to water damage are from broken water supply hoses. The average claim is more than $6,000.

The laundry room is one of your home’s most important work spaces, yet it typically receives the least attention…until it’s out of service.

This week, we’re taking a closer look at a simple home maintenance item: washing machine hoses. Did you know that in a typical home, water can spill out of a single hose at a rate of about 650 gallons per hour? At that rate, damage adds up quickly.

Reasons why hoses fail

• Age – Insurance industry studies show that 80% of these types of insurance claims are related to hoses 8-10 years old.

• Materials – Reinforced rubber is a popular option for hoses. It becomes brittle as it ages, making it subject to cracks, leaks, and bursting.

• Installation Errors – The most common installation error is lack of sufficient room to prevent kinks in the hose, especially near the valve connections.

Visual Inspections – A Good Habit

File this under “Things We Should Do, But Seldom Remember.” In most homes, laundry is a family affair – everyone’s doing it, but few think to look behind the washer and check the hoses. Sometimes, a sign next to the washer is a good reminder. Check for:

• Deterioration: blisters, bulges, or bubbles; cracks; unraveling (if using braided steel hoses); bends or kinks near the connections.

• Leaks: Moisture, drips, rust, discoloration, or leaks on or around hoses and connections or in the catch pan (if present).

Easy Precautions

• Don’t leave the washer unattended. When washer failures happen in an empty home, losses multiply by 150%.

• Turn off water between uses. Relieve water pressure in the hoses by turning off the water supply when the machine is not in use or when you will be away.

• Do not delay – Replace old hoses ASAP. A good practice is to replace hoses every 3-5 years; hose breakdown is happens from the inside-out, so it’s easy to miss the warning signs. For a few bucks, a hose maintenance plan can save you thousands of dollars in damage and lost time.

Water You Waiting For?
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