If you’re wondering if it’s time to remodel the bathroom, we’ve got some advice to help you make the big decision. There are plenty of good reasons to update your bathroom, from making safer for you and your family, to saving on your water and energy bills. 

Renovating the bathroom might seem daunting at first, but most updates can be made quickly, and many are ones you can do yourself. Take a look at our list below of some big signs that it’s time to remodel the bathroom. 

It’s outdated. This one of the biggest reasons many of our customers have opted to remodel their bathrooms – or at least the master bathroom. Of course, it all boils down here to personal taste. If your style has changed but the bathroom hasn’t it, may be time for an upgrade. 

Usually, this is a project that’s more fun than anything else. It’s a great opportunity to buy new floor mats or rugs, paint the walls a new color, buy a new shower curtain, replace the sink or mirror, change up the lighting, and splurge on accessories like a new massaging shower head or an aromatherapy diffuser.  

It’s in a state of constant repair. Your bathrooms are some of the hardest working rooms in your home, and they’re subject to a lot of wear and tear over the years. If you’re finding yourself calling the plumber on a regular basis or repairing cracks and leaks in the bathroom – particularly leaks from the ceiling or the toilet – it’s time to consider remodeling the bathroom. 

There are a couple of big benefits to remodeling your bathroom for this reason. First, it will make your bathroom safer and healthier because leaks can lead to mold which in turn can cause health issues. And, without all the leaks, you’ll be saving on your water bill. 

Your needs have changed. Your home should grow with you, and as you get older, or if your family grows, it’s important that your bathroom stays updated to accommodate those changes. Perhaps you have a new baby, an elderly parent has come to live with you, or you’ve gotten a bit older yourself. If so, it may be time to modify your bathroom to fit your needs. 

You’re selling your home. Studies shown that having an updated bathroom can help your home sell quicker and increase its ROI. Even easy changes, like a fresh coat of paint or a new toilet (installing one is easier than you may think) can be big motivators for buyers when they are considering buying your home. 

You need more storage. If you’re storing extra towels in a closet in the bedroom, it may be time to upgrade your bathroom’s storage options. Cabinets and bins are a great investment, as are shelving systems that make use of wall space. You could also consider adding space with more major remodeling projects, like eliminating the bathtub and installing an enclosed shower instead, to make more room. 

Even little updates can help save you money, elevate your bathroom’s comfort and style, and mean better safety and health for you and your family. In fact, we think any time is the right time for a little bathroom remodeling.  

Sometimes it can be tough to know whether you should invest in a plumbing repair or replace the appliance or part instead. If you’re on the fence about making plumbing updates, or trying to budget for home renovation and updates in the new year, our list below can help. 

Take a look at our breakdown of the top plumbing parts in your home and their average lifespan. Then, use it to help you answer the big question: to repair, or not repair? 

Water heaters. Traditional water heaters should be replaced 10-15 years. Tankless water heaters should be replaced every 20 years. Regular maintenance and cleaning can extend the life of your water heater to the end of its warranty, but we recommend replacing it within 20 years at the very latest.  

Signs to look for that indicate the possible need for a new water heater include rust around the heater base, a pilot light that won’t stay lit, the inability to stay heated, and when the valve continues to slip.

Supply pipes. We’ve got good news for you here. Pipes last a long time and can usually be replaced one-by-one if they break. Most often pipes can be repaired and if you have an older home, it’s important that you have a plumbing professional inspect your home’s supply pipe system to make sure it does not need to be replaced. 

Ideally, brass pipes last between 80-100 years, as do steel pipes, while copper pipes last between 75-100 years. 

Faucets. There’s no time limit on faucets, but ones that are used repeatedly on a daily basis usually succumb to normal wear-and-tear at some point. Luckily, you can easily repair faucets unless they crack and break. 

Another reason to replace faucets is if they are leaking water on a constant basis. Of course, if you remodel your kitchen or bathroom, new faucets are a quick and simple way to make it more modern. 

Washing machine supply hoses.  Your washing machine supply hoses should be replaced every 2-3 years. Waiting too long can lead to major leaking and even cause your hose to burst. If you notice any bubbling in the hose, cracks, discoloration or rusting, you’ll need to replace the hose. Supply hoses can be purchased at home improvement stores and are often easy to replace without the help of a professional plumber.  

Toilets. The main part of the toilet, basically the bowl itself, doesn’t need to be replaced unless it’s cracked or otherwise broken, however, parts of the toilet will need to be replaced at some point. Flappers and valves should be replaced every 4-5 years and wax seals should be replaced every 25-30 years. 

Of course, if you see any leaking at the base of the toilet or if the toilet won’t flush, it may be time for a new toilet. And if you have to jiggle the handle constantly, you’ll want to invest in a new toilet handle. 

Garbage disposals. Most garbage disposals last about 10 years but we advise checking the warranty to make sure. If you’re resetting it often, or if food is getting stuck, it may need to be replaced. Additionally, if there are bad odors coming from the drain or if it simply isn’t doing its job, it may be time for a new garbage disposal. 

Drain lines. Drain lines can last from 80-100 years if cast iron, and 25-40 years if they are made with PVC. Most of the time, drain lines only need to be replaced because of tree root growth or a natural disaster. If you own an older home, it’s important to check your drain lines to make sure they are not old enough to need to be replaced. 

Don’t wait for a costly repair to update your home’s plumbing if it’s outdated. Remember: it’s always better to safe, rather than sorry, when it comes to home improvement.