Cincinnati Plumbers Answer Plumbing Questions

Coming off the usual weekend warrior household projects, plumbing issues are on our mind yet again. This weekend, we cleaned out the garage and sent two new P-traps and two sets of toilet tank replacement parts to the thrift store. We've stored these parts for years and no doubt, now that we've let them go our plumbing will break ASAP. On the bright side, the act of editing our household stuff gen...
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Cincinnati Plumbers DIY Tip: Cleaning a Faucet Aerator

In our mid-century-modern kitchen, we have a single-lever faucet that's at least 15 years old. It's nothing special; it's a little leaky if I move the lever a certain way but it gets the j-o-b done. What really bothers me is that water shoots out the tap in a 'split stream' instead of a nicely aerated gush. Do I need a new faucet? Nope, I just need to spend about 15 minutes cleaning the hard water...
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Ask Cincinnati Plumbers… Garbage Disposals

Dear Ray, My garbage disposal is a Sears Kenmore 1HP model, circa 1988. It's been reliable for years but in the past few weeks, the blades no longer rotate reliably when I flip the "on" switch. A well-placed broom handle usually loosens the motor and gets the blades going. After returning from a 2-week vacation however, the disposal has stopped working altogether. I've tried pushing the re-set but...
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Cincinnati drain cleaning - To flush or not to flush?

Allied reddi-rooter
We love our toilet – flushing ‘stuff’ down the drain is so very satisfying.  Although our conventional wisdom is “if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t flush it,” who wants to put that gnarly black, slimy hair clog from the lavatory drain in the trash can? Not us, that’s for sure.  We decided a little research on what plumbers across the country, including Cincinnati, suggest for ‘flushability.’...
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Restaurant bathroom ads... A Cincinnati Plumbers dream!

AllOver Media
Any Cincinnati business that seeks to advertise must weigh cost vs conversion potential, or expense balanced against the payoff. For Allied Reddi-Rooter, we may have located the perfect niche advertising venue - Restaurant bathrooms! Right now we have a promotion using it. It goes like this: A) See our ads in Cincinnati's best restaurant bathrooms, B) Call Allied and tell us where you saw our ad, ...
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Garbage Disposals: Best Kitchen Tool Ever!

With six people in our household, our garbage disposal is used from dawn until late in the evening. We LOVE our disposal. It's a super-sturdy ¾ horsepower ISE model; we've been using it for over 20 trouble-free years. It liquefies our morning coffee grounds, lunch and dinner scraps, and past-due leftovers in seconds, with nothing more than a heavy dose of cold water to wash them down. Gasket Gunk ...
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