Part II: Modern Life vs. Vintage Bathrooms

This OldPlumbing Part II
This is the second of a 3-part series entitled “This Old House has Charm but This Old Plumbing Stinks” that explores the struggles of old house plumbing. When bathrooms came in from the cold, they were basic: small and with few design amenities – a sink, a toilet, a tub, and a metal medicine cabinet. Most homes had one bathroom, maybe an additional toilet in the basement. Today, ...
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Part I: This Old House’s Unfinished Basement - A Laundry Room Strike Out

This OldPlumbing Part I
This is the first of a 3-part series entitled “This Old House has Charm but This Old Plumbing Stinks” that explores the struggles of old house plumbing. Cincinnati’s residential charm is a heritage of stately old brick homes that are the crown jewels in our Queen City. We have one -- a 1920’s English Tudor that we love...mostly. If you are in the market for a vintage home (...
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DIY Plumbing Repair: The Right Tools Make Everything Easier

Plumbing tool
When it comes to fixing leaky faucets, leaky toilets, or general home plumbing repairs, the next best thing to having a plumber is having the right plumbing tools. Below is our go-to list of essential tools for any home or small business toolkit. 1. Plunger - The icon of a plumber's trade, and found in bathrooms all over America. Plungers are available in two styles, "cup" and "phalange." Use the ...
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Standing Water – It’s a Health Hazard

standing water mosquito
Plumbing Maintenance, Good Drains and Visual Inspections Make All the Difference. With the recent wet weather, pools of standing, stagnant water can go unnoticed for weeks at a time, creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Eliminating standing water takes a little effort, but pays off in spades. Below are a few pointers: Leaking Exterior Faucets Leaking faucets can create puddles of accumulated...
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The Lowdown On Plumber Service Call Fees

Plumber Service Call Fees
With summer plumbing season in full swing (drain clogs, sump pumps, and standing water are hot topics this summer), a quick review of how plumbers charge for service calls seems like a good topic. As a rule, there are 3 approaches that Cincinnati plumbers when billing out time to customers. How do Service Call Fees Work? There are typically three approaches to invoicing customers: 1. Charge a stan...
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Are Plumbing Service Fees Nickel and Diming You?

Nickel Diming Plumbers
The following is a blog written by Janet Murphy, an Allied customer. When looking for a tradesperson – plumber or other repair person – one of the number one questions is “Do you charge a service fee?” In our home, one of the hallmarks of a quality small business is when the business owner believes a “no service charge”, consultative approach is the best approac...
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