Winter’s shifting ground is hard on buried water and sewage lines

sewer water diagram
Freeze, thaw, repeat.  Uh-oh….no go. The recent frigid weather really does a number on the underground water and sewer piping that runs from your home  to the city’s connections at the street.  These freeze-thaw-refreeze cycles causes the ground to shift; such movements are hard for cast iron or clay tile pipes to handle.  As a result, many homeowners are finding that their ser...
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Winter Water – It’s a Vicious Cycle. How is your sump pump holding up?

sump pump image
Freeze, Thaw, Rain, Snow, Leaky Basement, Repeat Well, we’re all in the soup this week – melting snow, swampy yards, and more rain/snow in the forecast. During the next few days and weeks, sump pump maintenance, repair and even replacement is crucial to keeping your home dry.  Below are a few tips · Locate the Discharge Hose and Cleanout Cap - Look along the exterior wall for the point w...
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Now Playing: The Unflushables

Clogged toilet
Flushing is fun, until you flush the wrong thing (or too much of a flushable thing). We’ve all felt the panic that sets in when flushing goes wrong -- the whole toilet experience goes right down the drain (see what we did there?). To keep your toilet in good running order, below are 8 things to never flush, no matter how tempting it seems. 1. Litter box poop Ever notice how it gets all dried...
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Layering Up For Winter – Plumbing Insulation

Wrapping plumbing
During the cold months, we love our layers. And we’re not just talking long johns, either. We’re talking about layering up our water pipes and water heaters with insulation to help them retain heat, prevent frozen pipes and reduce our water heating costs. Why Worry about Frozen Pipes? It’s not the frozen pipe that does damage, it’s the frozen pipe that bursts (frozen water ...
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Toilet Running? Better Catch It!

running toilet
When paying for water, a running toilet can sock it to your pocket book. Toilets are the super-fantastic-bubble-plastic of modern plumbing. And when the toilet isn’t working properly, it’s a bad, bad, bad, bad world. Our focus today is on fixing a toilet that runs constantly. A running toilet stealthily increases the water bill and jiggling the handle quickly wears thin. How to Repair ...
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Black Friday – Time to Stock Up on Plumbing Parts!

Black Friday Plumbing
Everything will be on sale soon. Buy now! Install Later!  It’s out-of-the-box thinking, but one of the easiest ways to dress up your home or business for a holiday party is to do a little makeover on your bathroom, kitchen or bar area. With Black Friday sales coming up fast, a good deal on a new toilet, bathroom sink, instant hot water dispenser, garbage disposal, kitchen/bath faucet or...
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